Patio Furniture Care

Basic Tips for Wooden Patio Furniture Care

If you’ve found it difficult to talk yourself into buying that gorgeous Mrppi furniture for your patio because you aren’t sure that you know how to properly care for it, you can feel free to make that purchase. Caring for wood patio furniture is not as difficult as you may think and requires mostly an annual once-over to assure that it is still in good shape.

First of all, just as if you were building a deck or putting up a fence, the most important aspect to protecting your wood furniture is to seal it. This maintains it and makes sure that water absorption doesn’t cause swelling of the wood or disfigurement of the furniture. This can be in the form of a simple sealant, a stain, or a sealing paint that is used to color the furniture.

If you start with unfinished wood furniture, you’ll definitely want to take the proper precautions because this will be particularly susceptible to the elements. Once the wood is finished, coated, sealed, or painted, it’s time to think about the maintenance of the furniture. Probably the most important piece of equipment in the care and maintenance of your wood is sandpaper. This simple tool can be used once a year to touch up any spot on the wood that seems to have been damaged or even slightly affected by the weather. This is an important step in the spring, when you first start to plant your garden and spend time outdoors, preparing for the outdoor season.

With cedar patio furniture, as well as other wood furniture, you’ll want to consider storing your items when not in use. Especially during the winter, your patio sets are in danger from the elements, even though they may be sealed. It is simply safer to store your wood until the time rolls back around to enjoy the spring weather and barbecues on your patio. You’ll want to reseal your wood every three to five years, depending on where you live and how harsh the hot and cold weather gets.

Log furniture is especially important to take care of, since it is usually more natural and unprocessed, meaning that it is truly impossible to really seal the wood against the weather. Here, you’ll probably want to use a tarp or other canopy to cover the furniture when not in use, adding an extra protectorate in case of rain, snow, or other inclement weather.

While these processes are more in-depth than those required to take care of wicker or metal furniture, they are still simple and can be completed quickly. With such simplicity, there is no reason to hold off on something you’ve always wanted. Go and get that wood furniture for your patio and start enjoying your own yard.