How To Use

The current trend in partying includes a lot of fun and excitement and hookah is one of them that is growing more popular by the day. You can witness a mushrooming of hookah or bong parlors around the globe and let me tell you these are not only meant for smoking addictive substances that can give the smoker a high such as marijuana, cannabis, etc. but nowadays people are using them even for deriving health benefits by replacing the substance with herbs such as tulsi, neem, etc., that have medicinal properties for treating people with various illness mainly of the respiratory tract. And with Cheap Glass Bongs available everywhere even the common man is able to afford them to enjoy a smoke either to get high or get cured of an illness.

Cheap glass bongs and how you can use them

With cheap glass bong doing the rounds in most parties it helps to learn how to use one to avoid embarrassment when you are offered to use it.

Fill the bong with warm water ensuring that the stem is submerged in ½ to 1 inch of water. Adding ice to the chamber chills the smoke as it comes up through the chamber and also makes the smoke smoother.

Pack the bowl with substance as per your desire making sure it is filled to just be under the rim. Overpacking clogs the bowl preventing air from getting through and too little packing is also not advised since small grinds could get sucked through as you smoke.

Place your mouth on top of the chamber and see that your lips go inside the rim but not around the rim of the mouthpiece. And press your mouth tight around the rim so that no air escapes as you smoke.

Place your finger on the carb, a hole located on the side of the bong, before lighting the bowl.

Light the substance as you inhale through your mouth. Suck deeply till the chamber is filled with smoke.

Remove your finger off the carb and inhale the rest of the smoke holding it in your lungs for a few seconds and then exhale totally.

Replacing the carb pass the bong to the person sitting on your left if you happen to be smoking in a group.

So don’t be under a misconception that bongs are only for those who smoke marijuana or cannabis or some other substance to get high, you can use them for health benefits too, so get your own cheap glass bong to have a healthy smoke!