100% Product Guarantee

Our custom built Amish furniture is of the highest quality available for purchase. The products are made of midwestern, American hardwoods, hand-selected specifically for each piece. The woods have been slowly and carefully dried to ensure the proper moisture content before the Amish craftsmen begin to work on each piece.

Even after all these precautions, a small percentage (between 1% and 2%) of furniture has the possibility that some movement in the wood may occur resulting in a crack or some other defect. Even with all the precautions, we realize the possibility could exist.

Mrppi offers a full 100% guarantee to repair, if possible, or replace, if necessary, any piece with damage resulting from a moisture, crack or some other severe movement in the wood caused from excessive moisture content at time of furniture construction.

Any damage to affected finishes will be fully repaired to the customer’s full satisfaction.

All repairs are subject to this guarantee for one full year from the delivery date. Mrppi will also pay all the transportation costs associated with the repair or replacement of the affected pieces. If you notice anything like the above mentioned, contact us as soon as possible for the documentation process.

After notification, Mrppi will contact you regarding your concern and arrange for any photographs or for other inspections needed to determine whether manufacturing defects exist.

Returned items will be inspected. Mrppi reserves the right to reject returns of merchandise that shows signs of use or customer damage.

It is the opinion of the Amish craftsmen that if a problem is going to occur, it will occur within the first year of service of the furniture.

It is the desire of our craftsmen, and the desire of Mrppi to honor this warranty fully. Our desire is to have satisfied customers, happy with their furniture selections, while having the peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that we will serve our customers fairly and honor our commitment to them.

Please note that we cannot offer this guarantee for the following cases:

Natural variations in the wood grain
Color not matching photographs on the website
The furniture not being the right size for the buyer’s needs
Minor imperfections in the final product
Hand-crafted wood furniture will have natural variations in color and grain. Other minor imperfections may include: knots, pitch pockets, and mineral streaks. Also natural tannins exist in wood. These are not considered defects, and are therefore not covered under this warranty.

The warranty does not cover against:

Appearance changes from improper care or storage.
Variations in appearance from normal shrinkage, swelling, hairline cracks, minor warping, etc. resulting from normal expansion and contraction of the wood responding to climate changes in the home.
Damage caused from exposure to extremely high or low humidity, or the rapid changes in the temperature.
Damage caused from accidents, improper use, abuse or negligence.
Burns, scuffs, watermarks, scratches pet damage, or damage caused from cleaning products.
Damage from commercial or outdoor use.
Unauthorized repairs, not performed by Mrppi.
Warranty Summary

Our warranty covers all consequential defects in materials and workmanship for one full year from the delivery date to the original purchaser.