What is a bong?

A bong, also known as a water pipe, billy, bing or moof, is actually a filtering device used while smoking cannabis, tobacco or other herbal substances. This article is mainly written about this pipe that is required for smoking. Put in simple words, the bong is a piece from where gas flows from the lower part of the left side till the upper left portion on the right.

This instrument functions just as a hookah but is smaller in size hence more portable. Constructing a bong is pretty simple all it needs is a single piece construction with a bowl-stem and water and an airtight container along with a drawtube that is of a minimum length of 3 inches going up to 12 inches. This is to guide the air downwards below water level from where it rises upwards bubbling while it is used.

For the outward fresh air to get inside the bong for harvesting the remaining smoke a hole has to be made on the lower part of the bong but above the water level which is covered during the process of smoking and then uncovered to enable the smoke to be drawn into the lungs; the hole that is made on the bong is known by several names like carburetor, carb, choke, rush, shotty, bink, kick hole, or just hole.