Bong Pricing

Cheap glass bongs are also available in good quality and are not necessarily made of substandard stuff, but before we talk of cheap glass bongs I think we should look at what a bong actually is and for what purpose it is used.

Bong is a device used mainly in the marijuana smoking culture which enables the smoker to get a high in a shorter time and with a stronger intensity. This is possible with a bong since this device is built in such a way that it is capable of delivering a lot more smoke with just one hit to give a good and nice high. There is so much variety in bongs available today with different shapes and designs and colors to suit individual preferences, but all are used for the same purpose of smoking.

Bongs are basically designed to cool the smoke before it can enter your respiratory system and it also filters all the unwanted chemicals from the smoke. Though these bongs were originally made out of bamboo they are being made of different metals like bronze and brass and even silver using jewels that are priced really high and favored by the nobility and the rich.

Today the cheap glass bongs have become really popular and used by many to enjoy their smoke through these glass bongs are more prone to breakage. Not too many people wish to splurge on the mesmerizing bongs that need you to pay a good amount when there are so many Cheap Glass Bongs available for a fraction of the price which also serves the same purpose; to make you stoned!

How a bong works

The cheaper variety of bongs is mostly made of glass or plastic using a bowl, stem and water to produce smoke. First, the bowl has to be packed with the substance you wish to smoke and water has to be inserted into the bong. The substance has to be lit to start the smoke which is drawn through the water to make the smoke smoother.

The smoker has to inhale in the bong which enables the bubbles containing the smoke to come out from the stem. When a good amount of smoke builds up inside the bong the stem is separated from the bong and the smoke that is remaining enters the respiratory system or the lungs of the smoker giving him/her enjoyment of smoking.

The difference in pricing of glass bongs

Cheap glass bongs are usually made of thinner glass and it makes no difference actually whether you are using a cheap one or an expensive one; all you need is to get high which actually depends on the weed that is used but not on the type of bong used.

There are several companies that produce a bit more expensive glass bongs which are made of thicker glass and thus more durable and not as easily breakable as those made of thin glass. Good quality glass bongs are made of a minimum of 2 mm to 7 mm thickness and the price varies as per the thickness. And the glass bongs that are not really cheap have a percolator as an additional chamber that offer cooler and also a smoother hit than the other cheap glass bongs, so the choice is all yours.

Looking out to buy a new bong? You can try the cheap glass bong and invite your friends over to enjoy the smoke along with you!